• Hot Stone Massage
  • Ear Candling
  • Reflexology
Shrinking Violet

100 % natural ingredients from UK used by celebrities, to smooth cellulite, instant inch loss to fit into your party dress.


Kosme Paris invites you on a unique voyage to the plant kingdom, powerful active ingredients chosen for their visible effects on the Skin & Subtle Fragrances.

KOSME Aromatic Massages
  • Relaxing with Aromatic Amber
  • Deep Tissue with Eucalyptus Oil
  • Scalp, Neck & Shoulder
  • Firming & Slimming with Pearl Oil
Mauritian Scrub

Honey, Vanilla & Hazelnut with Macadamia Oil

Sea Salt Scrub
Apricot Oil with Verbena & Citrus Fruits



Today Carita has reinvented the body cares which should not be missed and offers a fan of treatments adapted to needs or to moments of life.

Renovateur Exfoliator

A Regenerating exfoliation, removes dead cells with manual drainage to activate micro circulation and transform skin texture.

Silk Well Being Massage

Relaxing and nourishing deep manual massage inspired by Asian & Western techniques to mobilize, tone & lift the skin structure using the Carita Silk Balm that leaves your skin soft and silky.

Exfoliating & Relaxing

The Ultimate Body treatment combining the Renovateur Exfoliator and The Silk Well Being Massage to create an unforgettable Carita experience.

Upgrade your treatments with the below:
Vichy Shower / Hydrotherapy


Carita offers innovative skincare treatments to transform your skin. Pioneering in anti-ageing beauty treatments, this skincare exclusive secrets unites science and nature to reverse the effect of time.

Ideal Targeted Anti-aging

A perfect balance between manual intelligence, advanced formulations and Cinetic Lift machine technology. Provides targeted result for each skin needs & prevents the first signs of aging.

  • Manual Ideal
  • Cinetic Ideal
Hydration (Dehydrated) Purity (Oily) Softness (Sensitive) Brightness (Dull)

Upgrade your treatments with the below:
Eye Contour

Neomorphose Anti-Wrinkle

Neomorphose experience using acids to remove dead skin cells, breaking the bonds, filling in the wrinkles as well as regenerating cells for a total skin transformation.

  • Neomorphose Manual
  • Neomorphose Cinetic Lift
Perfect Sculpting

Powerful and Dynamic massage of the facial muscle, retrace contour, able to lift the features for mature skin focusing on chin, neck and décolleté.

  • Lift Firming Manual
  • Lift Firming Cinetic
Global Anti-Aging

The Ultimate treatment using the Trio of Gold Complex to perform precise work for deep rejuvenation, radiance, firmness for very mature skin.

  • Trio of Gold



The Back Cure

Removes impurities by cleansing & exfoliating while relieving muscle stress with detoxifying massage.

The Citrus Drench

Firming & Anti-ageing for your body with citrus exfoliation, restoring mask & firming massage.

The O2 Body Perfection

Detoxifying, Oxygenating & Lightening for dull & tired skin. Rich in macro nutrients using exfoliation mask & relaxing massage.

Diamond Rose Exfoliation

Exfoliating massage using dust rose scrub infused with pure Damask rose oil.

Diamond Rose Dream

A Rose bouquet exfoliation & massage dream. A gift to your skin, waking up to a velvety rose scented skin.


Natura Bisse is a pioneer in using amino acids, proteins, collagen & elastin and safe effective AHA peels developed in their labs giving visible, youthful results.

The Atelier Facials:

Exceptional facials with Glyco peel designed for different skin needs.

The Cure

Purify, Detoxify with Steam & Hydration for Oily Skin.

The O2 Relax

Oxygenates, Brightens & Hydrates for Dehydrated Skin.

The Skin Comfort

Rebuilds Skin Tolerance, Soothes, Calms Sensitive Skin.

The Essential Shock

Firms, Nourishes, Tightens & Shocks Skin to combat Ageing and maintain Plumpness.

The Red Carpet Facials:

Premium protocols created for celebrities at Oscars & Royal families across the globe. The most effective skin care regime for magnificent experience to glow like a Star.

3D Collagen Shock

Triple Firmness & Triple Elasticity.

With Glycopeel
With G3 Peel & Infrared

Diamond Whitening

De-pigments, Evens skin tone & Brightens leaving your skin with a radiant glow.

With Glycopeel
With G3 Peel & Infrared

Diamond Life Infusion

Fountain of youth, Renews, Firms & Revitalizes. Dramatically reverses premature ageing while increases Firmness & Elasticity using G3 Peel.

Multiply your results for Atelier & Red Carpet Facials with:
  • G 3 Peel
  • Enzyme Peel
  • Contour Optimizer
  • Double Mask
  • Eyes
  • Algotherapy Mask
  • LED Mask
  • Essential Shock Concentrate
  • C+C Lift Concentrate
  • O2 Concentrate
  • Green Tea Concentrate
  • Quiro Gel
  • Eye & Lip
  • Citrus Hands / Feet
  • O2 Hands / Feet
  • Infra Red
  • Hydra cool


100% Natural, Slim, Firm, Re-sculpt, Smoothes Cellulite.

  • Android (upper body) Lipomassage Treatment
  • Gynoid (lower body) Lipomassage Treatment
  • Lipomassage Total care Treatment
  • LPG Cellulite Smoothing Treatment
  • LPG Draining - Aqueous Cellulite Treatment
  • LPG Firming and Contouring Treatment
  • Endermo Draining Treatment

A programme of 2-3 sessions per week for 2 months.

Spa Protocol Lipomassage
  • Lipomassage Expert (Full Body) Treatment
  • Cellulite Smoothing Expert Treatment
  • Endermo - Firming Expert Treatment
  • Liposculpting Expert Treatment
  • Light Legs Endermo - Draining Expert Treatment
  • Endermo - Detoxifying Expert Treatment
  • Expert Arm Lift Treatment
  • LPG Excellence Expert Treatment (Body and Face)

A programme of 1 session or 6 sessions in 2 days or 18 sessions in 6 days.

**Buy 6 sessions get ONE FREE , Buy 10 sessions get TWO FREE from the Lipomassage Treatments**


Face To Face
French International Award
Latest Face, Neck, Hand Lift, Hyaluronic Acid +80%*, Elastin +46%*, Firmness +23%*, Wrinkles Smoothed +21%*

  • Forehead
  • Eye Circles & Puffs
  • Eye Anti-Wrinkle
  • Mouth Area
  • Jaw Line
  • Double Chin
  • Neck or Decollete
  • Bust
  • Hands
  • Anti-Ageing Firming
  • Anti-Ageing Resculpting
  • Anti-Ageing Replumping
  • Decollete & Bust
  • Eye & Lip Endermolift
  • Detox Endermolift
  • Total Eye Endermolift
  • Glow Endermolift

*** Sessions are available upon request ***


The Latest Technology in Anti Aging treatment, Skin Lifting & Tightening for Face and Body.

Antilax uses INFRA RED and Radio Frequency Technology to make you look younger by remodeling the collagen structure without injection or cosmetic surgery. Small red spot disappear on the face and pores become smaller in 3-7 days. Recommended that you receive 3-5 treatments at 2-3 weeks interval, long lasting results up to 12 months. It is the ideal treatment for Laughing lines, Crow’s Feet & Forehead Wrinkles, Face & Chin Contour. Also for Abdomen and Upper arm tightening.

Contra indications Pregnancy, Open wound, Metal pace maker or Interval defibrillator, Filler injected or fat transferred in less than 3 weeks.


Latest Multi-functional Skincare System

A device for Perfect Face using water power. For Skin Rejuvenation & Cleansing to increase the absorption of active ingredients into the skin. Water jet & spray is an advanced technique applied to ensure that the infusion of water and O2 at high speed penetrates deep into the skin layers, regenerates and revitalizes skin’s natural elasticity. Rapid improvement is observed even after a single treatment. To be combined with facials.

Cleansing Scaling Lifting Vitamin Ionization Muscle Stimulation Oxygen Fusion Wrinkles


VelaShape contours, shapes, slims and improve cellulite, warm deep tissue vacuum massage safe cleared by the FDA. Results noticed after 4 sessions.


INFRA RED Body Wrap, energy increasing body temperature, burns up to 1000 calories, improves Blood circulation and Metabolism, Pain relieve for Stiffness, Arthritis, Muscle Spasms, Menopause, Smoothes Cellulite, Detoxifies the body & aids weight loss.

Bridal Programmes

  • Bridal Hair Styling
  • Bridal Make-up
  • Bridal Hair Styling
  • Bridal Make-up
  • Bridal Waxing
  • 2 * L’Oreal Hair treatment
  • Traditional Hammam
  • Carita Manual Ideal Facial
  • Imar Spa Manicure
  • Imar Spa Pedicure
  • Bridal Waxing
  • 3 * L’Oreal Hair treatment
  • Carita Manual Ideal Purity Facial
  • Carita Cinetic Ideal Hydration Facial
  • Carita Cinetic Ideal Brightness Facial
  • Carita Ideal Purifying Back Treatment
  • Imar Spa Manicure
  • Imar Spa Pedicure
  • Purifying Hammam
  • Royal Hammam
  • Hareem Hammam

Ayurveda Treatments

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian “Science of Life”, a 5,000 year old holistic health & an incredibly dynamic system that tailors itself to the individual, to rejuvenate the mind & body. Based on a natural approach for strengthening the body’s natural healing abilities, by removing toxins from the tissues using Ayurvedic oils.

Abhyanga Relaxation

This traditional massage from Kerala, South India, focuses on delivering brisk Massage therapy. This massage is designed to work nourishing herbal oils into the body to enhance your sense of well-being.

Kizhi - Organic Herbal Pouch

Rejuvenating treatment after Abhyanga. Fresh fried herbal ingredients dipped in warm oil and massaged. Reduces aches, good for arthritis.


The unique treatment using warm herbal oil and paste over lower back, effective for Spinal aches.

Udvarthanam / Body purification therapy

This therapy is designed to detoxify the body and encourage the elimination of fat and cellulite.


This unique head treatment begins with a therapeutic oil massage which is powerful in its ability to relieve emotional and physical tension by working on the third eye, followed by a luxurious oil flow on the third eye, the window of soul. This treatment releases heat toxins and negative emotions and achieves a state of supreme calmness.


A luxurious massage focuses on using warm herbal packs for relieving fatigue, enhancing sleep, rejuvenating stiff muscles and incredibly beneficial to well-being.


Luke warm medicated oil dipped pieces of cloth, squeezed by hand and oils pressed out uniformly and rubbed rhythematically over the body. Relieves Stiffness & Joint Pain.

Indian Head Oil Massage

A traditional scalp massage with medicated herbal oil to prevent hair loss & promote hair growth followed by a neck & shoulder massage to release tension and provide excellent relaxation.

*** Special Ayurveda treatment Packages available***

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