With its exclusive cosmetics line, KOSMÉ PARIS invites you on a unique voyage to the heart of the plant kingdom and its secret nature.

Elixir des légendes with Prickly Pear seed oil cultivated on the plateaus of the maghreb, Babassu nut Butter from the amazon, beauty oil with extracts of green tea cultivated in southwest china...

Noble and precious ingredients selected from the four corners of the earth, powerful active ingredients carefully chosen for their visible effects on the skin, subtle fragrances…

KOSMÉ PARIS is the fruit of a commitment to a cosmetic that is both natural and refined, and that combines the technical nature of the treatment with the bewitching trail of custom- made fragrances.

In its Paris laboratory, KOSMÉ PARIS creates and manufactures top quality cosmetics like a Parisian high fashion designer, with the same desire for perfection. This exclusive brand tracks down the beautiful raw material and delicately crafts its beauty products with a constantly renewed wish for effectiveness, sensoriality and pleasure.