Experience the 1001 Arabian nights Moroccan Hamam in our Hareem Whispers. Your skin will be exfoliated and will breathe like a new born baby skin with a motherly touch by our authentic, experienced Moroccan ladies using the purest olive oil black soap. The Hamam treatments are served with a herbal moroccan drink to refresh your mind and well-being.

Traditional Hammam

Cleansing, Scrubbing & Oil application.

Purifying Hammam

Cleansing, Scrubbing, Purifying clay treatment, Hydro jet shower & Oil application.

Royal Hammam Experience

Cleansing, Scrubbing, Purifying clay treatment, Face mask ritual, Hydro-jet shower & Oil application.

Hareem Hammam Experience

Cleansing , Scrubbing, Purifying clay treatment, Natural hair & face mask ritual, Hydro-jet shower & Oil application.

Kosme Paris Hamam Experience

An Ancient exfoliation ritual infused with Island flower oil, Fine Three Tea Body Cream, Mauritian Sugar Scrub & Mango Butter leaving your skin perfectly nourished & delicately scented.

Amber Argan Hammam Experience

Inspired by Marrakech’s beauty secrets using 100% Natural & Organic, this ritual is Performed with Luxurious Argan products like Precious Oils, Moroccan Lava Clay Paste, Radiance Day cream with Saffron Extract, Orange Sugar Body Scrub, all infused with Amber & Precious Argan oil.

For your comfort and the respect of all, we recommend that you bring along with you a bathing costume for all Hammam treatments.

Hammam Experiences
Hammam Experiences
Hammam Experiences