Beauty has a name… that of two sisters, Rosy and Maria Carita, who shared a single passion: To tranform,reinevent and enhance the beauty of women.

Carita offers luxurious, indulgent and innovative skincare treatments to transform your skin. Pioneering in anti-ageing beauty treatments for more than 60 years, this skincare exclusive secrets unites science and nature a unique philosophy.

It was in the House of Beauty at 11 Auburn St Honoré in Paris, under the creative inspiration of the Carita sisters, that Carita Haute Beauté was born. A prestigious address, an exclusive setting, where the expertise and know-how of the “artisans of beauty” have been enriched over the years, where the combined effect of high-performance products and treatments for body, face and hair reveals the unique Beauty of every woman.

Carita products encapsulate this entire art in concentrated form, prolonging the benefits of this magical setting at home.